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Susan Ballinger’s Powerpoint photo field guide to common local wildflowers, Introduction of Plant Families and Common Wildflowers of the Wenatchee Watershed

A review of Pacific Northwest wildflower publications held by the Wenatchee Public Library, compiled by Diane McKenzie for the Friends of the Library.  literature-review-wildflower-of-the-nw

Articles presenting wildflower identification tools, books and  local learning resources, Wildflower Identification and Wildflower Resources.

Plants of Washington image gallery. University of Washington Burke Museum.  This easy to use photo guide is searchable by common or scientific name.

Flora of Eastern Washington.  Comprehensive searchable photo identification guide by family, genus, and common name. Robert L. Carr, Eastern WA University.

 Common Plants of the Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests.  2002.  An illustrated picture key to common trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses.

Native Plant Photo ID Cards for common trees, shrubs, and wildflowers of Washington.  Washington Native Plant Society.

A Key to the Common Flowering Plant Families of the Methow by Dana Visalli. An easy to use 2 page simplified descriptive key for most Eastside Cascade plant species.

Eastern Washington Animals and Plants.  This site was created to illustrate the richness of flora and fauna found in remote areas of semi-arid Eastern Washington, and in many places illustrates ecological dependencies. The site is intended to provide a source of new visual information that’s otherwise nonexistent or very difficult to find on the Web by Fred Bentler.