One component of the Wenatchee Naturalist course is to learn to quickly recognize 100 common  plants and animals of the Wenatchee watershed.  Class member Jan Evans created a fun Charades game.  Try your hand at this quick brain teaser (answers are at the end of this post).  I encourage anyone to create additions and share them with me!

Jan Evans

Jan Evans

Jan introduced three categories to act out by showing different heights:  Tree, Shrub, or Wildflower

Puzzle # 1 2 words Category: Tree:   3 clues to act out: pretend to hold a shovel and dig, draw line-hyphen, use hand to pet a fur coat

Puzzle #2 2 words Category: Shrub:  3 clues to act out: make a big circle with arms, use fingers to stroke a beard, hold a pretend hairbrush and brush hair

Puzzle #3 2 words Category: Tree : 3 clues to act out:  outline of big house,  using hands to outline an upright pole . For the second word, show the emotion of “pining” or longing by touching heart

Puzzle #4 2 words Category: Bird   2 clues to act out:  Act out an explorer in a canoe and walking;  2nd word:  flap wings

Puzzle #5 1 word  Category: Wildflower:  2 clues to act out:  point to wall, draw a pretend flower

Puzzle #6 1 word  Category:  Wildflower:   2 clues to act out : folded hands under cheek with eyes closed to show napping, both hands pulling a weed with angry face!

Jan’s Charades Answers with links to photos of each under LEARN 10 on this website

#1  Douglas-Fir:  This was the first tree name Jan learned in 6th grade at Outdoor Ed Camp

#2 Big sagebrush:  Jan has come to appreciate this plant.  It can often survive fire, and is crucial habitat for different species

#3 Lodgepole pine:  Jan really wanted to act out whitebark pine (to accompany puzzle #4), but settled on this related tree.

#4 Clark’s nutcracker.  Jan loves the story of inter-species dependence with withbark pine.

#5 wallfower:  Jan recalls that she was a bit of a wallflower while growing up

#6 Difuse knapweed (non-native weed). Jan choose this for her dear friend who is the killer of knapweed in Cashmere and who also introduced me to the Land Trust years ago.


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