Wenatchee Naturalist Stories: Chapter 3

Landscape Architect, Patrick Farrar, recently relocated to the Wenatchee Valley.  He took the fall Wenatchee Naturalist course as a way to get acquainted with his new home’s ecosystems.

Patrick Farrar

Patrick Farrar

Each week at Walla Walla Park, he walked out to the tip of the spit that protects the lagoon from the main stem of the Columbia River.  Patrick sketched, wrote field notes, and took photos over a 3 month period.  His curiosity resulted in research and examination of this area using aerial photos (1964-2016) and historic maps (1915-2016).  Using his professional skills, he created this  terrific collage that tells the visual story of  change over time at Walla Walla Park –  Patrick Farrar- Walla Walla Point Report.

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