Place-based Education Projects

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Kate Tollefson- 20+ & 100+ Volunteer hours.  Class of Spring, 2014

Kate Tollefson, as a resident of a small rural community, has volunteered in a wide variety of roles that benefit from her understanding of the Wenatchee River watershed ecosystem:

  • In addition to her paid work hours at Plain Hardware, Kate initiated and coordinates Adventure Women – a year-round outdoor activity program – and the youth Cross-country Ski Team.
  • Serves as a volunteer fire-fighter and FireWise instructor for  Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue.
  • Collected and delivered road-killed birds to Wenatchee Valley College’s study skin collection program.
Kate Tollefson delivering roadkill birds to Wenatchee Valley

Kate Tollefson delivering roadkill birds to Wenatchee Valley College Biology Dept. for study skin preparation.

Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center (WVMCC) Education Program

Cordi Bradburn 20+ & 100+ volunteer hours (Class of Spring 2013) 

  • Designed and created a WVMCC curriculum unit about common native birds that can be checked out by teachers as an art and science teaching trunk.
  • Using her artist talents, built and painted life-sized wooden models with accurate field marks to accurately represent each species.
One of Cordy's life-size bird models

One of Cordy’s life-size bird models

Cordi Bradburn

Cordi Bradburn

Cindy Rietveldt- 20+ & 50+ volunteer hours (Class of Fall 2014):

  • Conceived the idea, gathered materials, and assisted with exhibit development at the WVMCC for Consider Becoming a Wenatchee Naturalist exhibit (Feb-June, 2015).
Cindy Rietveldt

Cindy Rietveldt

Lisa Robinson – 20+ & 100+ volunteer hours(Class of Fall 2013) 

  • Volunteered as an outdoor education botany teacher for “Kids on the Columbia,” an interdisciplinary program of the WVMCC with the Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club and for the Wildfire Field Experience, the WVMCC fall 2015 outdoor education program.
Lisa Robinson

Wenatchee River Institute Field Days Education

John Brandt – 20+ & 50+ volunteer hours.  Class of Spring 2013

John Brandt volunteered as a teacher for Wenatchee River Institute field days with elementary school students.  John helped with trail work for Chelan-Douglas Land Trust at Horse Lake Preserve and Saddle Rock City Park

John Brandt

John Brandt earned his Wenatchee Naturalist pin for volunteering 20+hours in support of conservation.


Annette Jouard (Class of Spring 2012) 20+ & 50+ volunteer hours

  •  As a  “Field Day” volunteer, taught  3rd, 4th and 5th graders from Leavenworth & Cashmere schools. Annette has gathered and identified insects with 3rd graders, planted seed and led nature walks with 3rd graders, led Haiku writing and water sampling with 4th graders, and taught plant ID to 5th graders between 2012-2013.
Annette Jouard

Annette Jouard

Christine Clausen- 20+ & 50+ volunteer hours (Class of Spring 2012) 

Christine Clausen volunteered as a “field day” teacher helping with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and as a Leavenworth Bird Fest program volunteer.  Christine also helped with the Wenatchee School District Shrub-steppe’n Up Saddlerock 5th grade field experience and as a citizen science volunteer for Audubon Christmas Bird Count. 


Elisabeth Tilstra – 20+ & 50+ volunteer hours (Class of Spring 2013)

While serving a year as an Americorps Volunteer, Elisabeth also volunteered as  a  “Field Day” teacher for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders from Leavenworth & Cashmere schools and led snowshoe winter ecology walks on weekends at Leavenworth Fish Hatchery.

Elizabeth Tilstra

Elizabeth Tilstra

Sandra Phenning- 20+ & 50+ volunteer hours (Class of Fall 2014) 

Sandra Phenning volunteered as a “field day” teacher helping with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and as a Leavenworth Bird Fest program volunteer. 

Sandra Phenning

Sandra Phenning

David Hillestad- 20+ & 50+ volunteer hours (Class of Fall 2015) 

For WRI’s portable planetarium,David helped assemble, present, take down, and store planetarium materials for presentations at museums, companies, churches, and schools.

David Hillestad

David Hillestad

Amanda Sherling – 20+ & 100+ volunteer hours.  Class of Fall  2015

Amanda Sherling completed a Wenatchee Valley College cooperative learning experience at Wenatchee River Institute.  Her work included providing office support and helped to develop a new eBird project on WRI grounds.

Amanda Sherling has earned her Wenatchee Naturalist pin for volunteering 100+hours in support of conservation.

Amanda Sherling has earned her Wenatchee Naturalist pin for volunteering 100+hours in support of conservation.

Boy Scout Camp Bonaparte – Grand Columbia Council

Florence Robinson- 20+ volunteer hours (Class of Spring 2013)

  • Successfully initiated and fund-raised (including paid work in her own garden) for a scholarship that allowed an under-privileged boy to attend a 1-week Boy Scout Camp at Camp Bonaparte in summer, 2014.
Florence Robinson

Florence Robinson

Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center Children’s Camp Outdoor Education Program

Mary & Andy Robinson – 20+ volunteer hours (Class of Fall 2012)

Mary & Andy Robinson developed and led outdoor nature appreciation activities for their own  foster children and for children attended camps at the Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center.

Andy and Mary Robinson

Andy and Mary Robinson

Church of Brethren Summer Camp Outdoor Education Program

Joseph Roy 20+ & 100+ volunteer hours (Class of Spring 2012)

Joseph Led all-day outdoor natural history programs for 4th graders, teaching identification of birds, plants, trees, animal tracks, geology using journaling and sketching and detective skills.

During the summer of 2014 Carleton Complex Wildfires,  Joseph volunteered for the American Red Cross, providing immediate, on-site, professional counselling to individuals and family victims of regional wildfires that destroyed homes in North Central Washington.

Joseph Roy

Joseph Roy

Chelan County Master Gardener Education Outreach

Patti Milos – 20+ & 100 volunteer hours (Class of Spring 2013)

  • Presented pollinator and weed education display & activities at the weekly Chelan Farmers Market (2013-16)
  • C0-developed a brochure describing 50 local and easily obtained plants noting bloom time and types of beneficial insects and pollinator insects that each attract.  Created a photo display of 17 native bee species.  Initially used for Native Pollinator Week and subsequent outreach venues.

National Pollinator Week Display

Pollinators are important!

Pollinators are important!

Salmon in the Classroom Program

Jenny Cooper – 20+ & 50+ volunteer hours (Class of Spring 2102)

  • Served as a volunteer biologist for Salmon in the Classroom program for 4th graders at Vale Elementary School in Cashmere. Jenny led fish dissections, taught about salmon life cycle and their habitat needs, brought in salmon eggs, and led a fingerling release into a stream.

Jenny Cooper

Jenny Cooper