Plants in NCW: Enjoy our abundance of diversity

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A series of events are planned next week to mark Native Plant Appreciation Week. The week, April 28-May 4, celebrates the diversity of the state’s 3,000-plus native plant species.

Do you wonder at the plants you see while hiking in Washington’s forests and meadows? Would you like to learn about low-maintenance, attractive native plants that attract wildlife, take guided tours through protected natural areas or even participate in restoring native plant habitat near you?

The week of April 28–May 4 has been declared Native Plant Appreciation Week in Washington to encourage citizens to become involved in learning more about native plant species and their habitats and how they can help to protect them.

This week is intended to be a celebration of the amazing diversity of Washington’s 3,000-plus native plant species that range from desert plants to rain forest species and of the native plant ecosystems that are so important to sustaining the quality of Washington’s environment.

Last year, more than 70 activities were scheduled throughout the state.

This year, plant enthusiasts will be able to enjoy native plant talks, take a wildflower hike, or join in local restoration efforts. Native plant garden tours will help gardeners learn how to create native plant sanctuaries by using native plants to create low-maintenance green spaces that preserve the Northwest’s natural heritage and benefit wildlife.

During the week, the entryway display case at the Wenatchee Public Library will feature a selection of books and tools for the appreciation of native plants. The display will include field guides, sketch books, cameras, hand lenses and other accoutrements for botany trips.

Join in the fun and discover native plants with these additional local activities.

Susan Ballinger is co-chairwoman of the Wenatchee chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society.

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