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Basic Mammal Biology

Mammal Diversity – Woodland Park Zoo Teacher Resources  PowerPoint    Overview of mammal characteristics.

Mammals of Washington State online field guide.  University of Washington Burke Museum.  Descriptions for Washington’s 141 species total (includes 9 introduced), 132 native species (27 are marine; 15 are flying, bats), and 90 species of native, land mammal.

Mammal Diversity A tree diagram, down below, shows you the pathways of relatedness and historical evolution of today’s 29 different mammal orders. University of Washington Burke Museum

Washington Mammals

Eastern Washington Animals and Plants.  This site was created to illustrate the richness of flora and fauna found in remote areas of semi-arid Eastern Washington, and in many places illustrates ecological dependencies. The site is intended to provide a source of new visual information that’s otherwise nonexistent or very difficult to find on the Web by Fred Bentler.

Common Mammals of the Wenatchee Watershed Susan Ballinger’s classroom presentation and photo ID guide, introducing Wenatchee Watershed’s common mammals.

Article by Susan Ballinger, Unlocking the Needs and Habits of Our Mule Deer. 

Article by Susan Ballinger, Central Washington’s Rebounding Pygmy Rabbits.

Article by Kim Romain-Bondi about ground-dwelling rodents, reprinted with permission from The Methow Naturalist: Digging Up the Dirt on Fossorial Mammals .

Article reprinted with permission from The Methow Naturalist, Mammal Tracks Guide  by Dana Visalli.

Skulls of Alaskan Mammals  Skulls are a great way to learn about the diversity of roles mammals play in an ecosystem.  life-size, cut-and-fold boxes for the skulls of 10 mammals living in the Arctic Refuge: caribou, grizzly bear, wolf, wolverine, red fox, lynx, weasel (ermine), snowshoe hare, arctic ground squirrel, and collared lemming.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Series: Living with Wildlife Species Fact Sheets:  mammals;

What About Coyotes? Resource Card Background Information.  Pacific NW National Laboratory.   

What About Mule Deer?  Resource Card Background Information.  Pacific NW National Laboratory.

What About Jackrabbits?  Resource Card Background Information.  Pacific NW National Laboratory.

understanding_flying_squirrels-article Article about Flying Squirrel’s life history and their role in the Dry Forest.