Yellow bells

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yellow bells

Photo: Leslie Bigos

Yellow bells Fritillaria pudica

LILY Family

Liliaceae family has flower parts in 3s, parallel veins in leaves, usually petals & stamens look the same, 6 stamens, 3—parted stigma

Perennial plant, growing from a bulb.


Habitat: low to high elevations in shrub-steppe and forests in soils that are moist in spring. Early spring bloomer.

Stem: erect, unbranched.

Leaves: elongate, fleshy. Grow In pairs or in whorls of 3+ mid- height of stem.

Flowers: usually 1 (sometimes 2) at stem top.  Nodding bell-shaped flower faces outward to hanging down.  As ages, turns from clear yellow to  orange to dark red.
Yellow bells Fritillaria pudica Yellow bells Fritillaria pudica