Wasps, bees, ants

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Order Hymenoptera – wasps, bees, ants

Hymenoptera means “membrane wing”


  • Great diversity in habitat and behavior, includes the social insects
  • Most adults winged with 2 pair of membranous wings with few veins
  • Many have a constricted “waist” between thorax and abdomen.
  • Most, have chewing mouthparts (some, modified to lap or suck fluids)
  • In most bees, predatory wasps, and some ants, oviposter modified to a stinger.
  • Social behavior ranges from solitary to a complex class-based organization.
  • In many species- adults feed on pollen and nectar; others prey on other insects for the purpose of providing food for developing larvae.
  • Many species have larvae that are internal or external parasites on other insects.
  • Many are important pollinators, and maintain plant diversity and crop production.