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Ceanothus velutinus snowbrush ceanothus


Habitat: Dry to moist forests and rocky slopes, preferring open sunny sites and burned areas at low to subalpine elevations. 2-10 feet tall

Growth form:  Woody, multi-stemmed and spreading, evergreen shrub. Heavily scented.  Bacteria in root nodules fixes atmospheric nitrogen into a form usable by plants.

Leaves:  Evergreen, alternate, broadly oval with finely toothed edges.  Upper leaf sticky and glossy (appearing varnished), underside paler and velvety.  3 main veins.

Stems:  green and smooth.

Flowers:  Tiny and white.  Born is dense pyramidal clusters along side branches.

Fruits:  Small, shiny.  Can remain viable in the soil for at least 200 years.  Germination is stimulated by fire.