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Raccoon Procyon lotor

Order Carnivore flesh-eating mammals of great diversity in habitat and appearance

Suborder Pinnipedia– mostly marine      and     Suborder Fissipedia– mostly land-living

Suborder Fissipedia

  • long pointed canine teeth
  • 3 incisors on both sides of both jaws
  • a divided foot with 4 toes

Family Procyonidae Raccoons (walk on entire sole of foot, teeth lack “slicing” characteristic of most other carnivores, have ringed tails).


  • Walk on entire sole of foot, teeth lack “slicing” character of most other Carnivores,
  • Have ringed tails.
  • 2 species in North America
  • Omnivore: eats crayfish, fish, turtles, frogs, small mammals, birds, eggs, insects, corn, melons, acorns, berries, grapes
  • Curious –handle items with sensitive feet

Habitat: near streams, lakes , marshes. Adaptable to urban environments