Douglas’ brodiaea

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Douglas’ brodiaea

Triteleia grandiflora (formerly Brodiaea douglasii)

large-flower triteleia, Douglas’ brodiaea

Family ID Traits:

  • Narrow erect perennial with 1-2 long narrow grass-like leaves.
  • Parallel veins in leaves
  • Regular flower with parts in “3s”
  • Usually, tepals (petals & sepals) look the same
  • 6 stamens
  • 3-parted stigma (tip of pistil)
  • Grows from a bulb
  • Radial symmetry

Habitat: widespread in shrub-steppe and dry forest

Flowers: in a-15 in a cluster at top of stem; Pale to dark blue, tubular, 6 tepals with wavy margins

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