Great Basin spadefoot toad

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Great Basin spadefoot (toad) -Spea intermontana

(formerly Scaphiopus intermontanus)

Key ID features: Has a sharp-edged, black horny spade on inside of hind feet-for digging. Uses alternating circular motions of 2 hind feet to push dirt out from under itself, and then over its sides and back. Active at night.

Habitat: shrub-steppe, usually a variety of aquatic habitats for breeding.


  • Adult length Females-2.5 inches; Males-2.5 inches
  • A“boss” swelling between eyes
  • Vertical pupil , but at night, is round
  • Upturned snout
  • Smooth skin
  • Short legs
  • Digging spade
  • plump body, broad waist