Grand fir

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Grand fir (Abies grandis)

  • Needles Scattered singly along the branch, usually in two outward extending rows. Dark green above, lighter below with 2  distinct white stomatal bands (only on underside of needle), variable in length, up to 2  inches long with notched tips.
  • Buds: New growing tips are nearly round, yellow-brown and usually resinous.
  • Bark: On young trees, light gray with resin blisters. On mature trees, white and smooth at top nad dark gray to purple at base, with linear furrows divided into flat ridges.
  • Cones: Stand upright on tree, yellow-green with purple hues when ripe. 2-4 inches long, .   Ripen in place with all winged seeds and scales falling away, leaving upright center core in place.
  • Form: Large tree with a rounded crown.
  • Unique identifier: Needles with notched-tips, variable lengths, and flat-growing in two distinct rows. 2 stomatal bands on underside of needle; none on top.

Fire-ladder, due to low branches