Deer mouse

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deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus

Order Rodentia Rodents

  • Animals with 2 upper & 2 lower incisors and no canines
  • Of all mammals, has the most number of worldwide species

Family Cricetidae mice & rats (large membranous ears not covered by hair & long tails

  • Have large membranous ears not covered in hair.
  • Have long tail length of over 3/4s of over 3/4s of the head and body length.
  • Have cups on unworn molar teeth.
  • No external cheek pouches.
  • 7 species of deer mice in the Pacific states
  • Primarily nocturnal
  • Wide-ranging and common in any terrestrial habitat in North America
  • Eat all kinds of seeds, fruits, insects and store large caches of food.
  • Are active all winter above the snow.
  • Many birds and mammals are predators.
  • Many sub-species

Peromyscus maniculatus deer mouse