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Cougar Felis concolor

Order Carnivore flesh-eating mammals of great diversity in habitat and appearance

Suborder Pinnipedia– mostly marine      and     Suborder Fissipedia– mostly land-living

Suborder Fissipedia

  • long pointed canine teeth
  • 3 incisors on both sides of both jaws
  • a divided foot with 4 toes

Family Felidae Cats (have sharp, flesh-cutting cheek teeth, ours all have retractable claws)

Prey: deer, also small mammals like skunks, & porcupines.

Habitat: widespread in western U.S. Uses steep canyons, boulders, and dense Vegetation to remain hidden while hunting

Traits include:

  • sharp, flesh-cutting cheek teeth.
  • Are solitary and secretive
  • known for their ability to jump using powerful legs
  • have a powerful jaw that enables it to take down kill prey larger than itself
  • largest cat in N. America
  • Black tipped tail
  • Females: 25% smaller than males
  • Color varies from reddish-brown, to tawny, to gray.

3 species in Pacific Northwest : bobcat, lynx, & cougar (all with retractable claws).

cougar Felis concolor ( cougar Felis concolor (