Clark’s nutcracker

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Nucifraga columbiana Clark’s nutcracker

Jays & Crows (Corvidae Family)

Clark’s nutcrackers are large, sturdy songbirds with thick bills, strong legs, & loud voices. Noisy & aggressive; will mob predators. Usually travel in groups

Habitat: mature mixed conifer forests in mountains, usually at timberline, near rocky areas


  • 12 inches long
  • Usually in small groups flying around mountain slopes or conspicuously perched.
  • A conifer seed specialist because the majority of its yearly diet (and that of its young) consists of fresh and stored pine seeds.
  • They range extensively and specialize on 5-needled pine species. They harvest seeds and then cache them underground, returning year-round to dig-up stored seeds.
  • Chunky gray bird
  • Wingbeats are deep, slow, & crow-like
  • Black wings & central tail feathers.
  • White wing patches & outer tail feathers