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bobcat Felis rufus

Order Carnivore flesh-eating mammals of great diversity in habitat and appearance

Suborder Pinnipedia– mostly marine      and     Suborder Fissipedia– mostly land-living

Suborder Fissipedia

  • long pointed canine teeth
  • 3 incisors on both sides of both jaws
  • a divided foot with 4 toes

Family Felidae Cats (have sharp, flesh-cutting cheek teeth, ours all have retractable claws)

Food: opportunistic, feeding on small mammals, insects, reptiles, birds, & carrion. Seldom seen; hunt using sight & sound. Bobcats avoid open areas & stay close to cover.

Habitat: wide-ranging from sea level to above timberline in Pacific NW. Rock ledges, cliffs, & outcroppings used for shelter, resting, & rearing young.


  • 3 inch, short bobbed tail
  • Long ears, with black tufts at end
  • Spotted all over

Size: 3 feet long; 20-30 pounds. Males slightly larger than females