American marten

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American marten Martes Americana

Order Carnivore flesh-eating mammals of great diversity in habitat and appearance

Suborder Pinnipedia– mostly marine      and     Suborder Fissipedia– mostly land-living

Suborder Fissipedia

  • long pointed canine teeth
  • 3 incisors on both sides of both jaws
  • a divided foot with 4 toes

Family Mustelidae Weasels, minks, martens, fishers, wolverines, badgers, otters, & skunks All have short legs with 5 toes on each foot, fur of fine quality, highly developed scent glands, a short nose. One molar on each side of upper jaw, two molars on each side of lower jaw)

Habitat: dense conifer forest & rockslides in high mountains. Secretive

Eats: squirrels, mice, hares, voles, and berries.

ID traits:

  • Bushy cylindrical tail
  • Rich yellow-brown fur
  • Large cat-like ears
  • Size of a tree squirrel
  • Often seen in trees
  • Feet and tail-tip blackish
  • Yellow-orange on throat & chest