Aquatic Insects

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Key to Macroinvertebrate Life in a River. A picture-based key to river-dwelling animals

What About Dragonflies?  Resource Card Background Information for Columbia Basin.  Pacific NW National Laboratory,

 Odonata Central. Compiled information on the distribution, biogeography, biodiversity, and identification of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) world-wide.

 Field Guide to Migratory Dragonflies by D. Paulson, et. al.   Learn key identifying features from full colored photos and key anatomical identifiers for our five focal species: Common Green Darner, Black Saddlebags, Wandering GLider, Spot-winged Glider, and Variegated Meadowhawk.

Macroinvertebrates of the Pacific NW Field Guide by Jeff Adams and Mace Vaughan, The Xerces Society The images in this guide are representative of 56 common and readily visible groups of macroinvertebrates encountered in wadeable streams of the Pacific Northwest. General information is included on the identification and natural history of each group. Most images are entire organisms.