Entiat River Riparian Exploration

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Field trip description

Entiat River at Stormy Preserve

Entiat River at Stormy Preserve

Our first stop is the Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center to learn about wildfires, fire ecology education, and shrub-steppe shrub identification.

We then drive 16 miles up the Entiat Valley to the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust’s Stormy Preserve.  At Stormy Preserve, we are led by scientist field trip leaders and Wenatchee Naturalist Susan Ballinger. The field trip focus is on the riparian ecosystem exploring stream macroinvertebrates, insects, and riparian plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibian communities. 

We observe a Chinook salmon nest the river and learn about salmon life cycle and the importance of riverside trees and shrubs as the  foundation for the aquatic food web. The day concludes with a stop at the confluence of the Entiat and the Columbia Rivers to visit the newly developed nature trail.


Entitat Field Trip 2 Logistics Fall 2017

Guest scientist leaders may include:

Entomologist, Dr. Bob Gillespie, Aquatic Biologist, Dr. Mark Oswood and Fisheries Biologist, Phil Archibald.

Featured organizations

Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive CenterCascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group &  Chelan-Doulgas Land Trust 

Citizen Science Project

Project Feederwatch


Watershed & Water Cycle A day on the Entiat River at Stormy Preserve: Riparian Ecosystem structures & functions



Photos from a Wenatchee Naturalist field trip to Stormy Creek Preserve.

Stormy Creek Preserved