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Plant Adaptations & Fire by Ellen Kuhlmann Article from the Doulgasii, Washington Native Plant Society Publication.

Susan Ballinger’s Powerpoint class presentation:  Eastside Cascades Dry Forests & Wildfire

Eastside Cascades Fire Ecology History

Plant and Animal Species Fire Adaptation

The Fireworks Notebook – 2-page Life History narratives describing species adaptions to fire-dependent habitats for 40 common plants and animals native to Western U.S. forests. By Nancy McMurray, Jane Kapler Smith, Ilana Abrahamson, Brian Kurzel, and Amanda Smith Fire Sciences Laboratory, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Missoula, MT

2-page Life History narrative describing species adaptations to fire-dependent habitats for 2 additional species common in the Wenatchee Watershed:

Antelope Bitterbrush Life History

Grand Fir Life History