Conservation Issues/Ethics

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Principles of Birding Code of Ethics  Everyone who enjoys birds and birding must always respect wildlife, its environment, and the rights of others. In any conflict of interest between birds and birders, the welfare of the birds and their environment comes first.  American Birding Association.

Ethics article:  The Proper Use of Playback in Birding

Feathers and the Law.  Why we leave feathers where we find them. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Article by Susan Ballinger about backyard bird feeding and citizen science, Show Some Love for Birds.

Article by Susan Ballinger about Anna’s Hummingbirds, a species that is expanding its range, Wenatchee Valley wintering Anna’s Hummingbirds.

Guide to Attracting and Feeding Wild BirdsComprehensive guide to choosing feeder location, foods, maintenance, pests, and predators.

Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report. The National Audubon Society has completed a continental analysis of how North America’s birds may respond to future climate change. 9/2014.  Report at a Glance FAQ

Effective Window Solutions for Homeowners and Architects. Birds hitting windows is a leading cause of bird death. 6 years of research and testing of 150 products resulted in this list of effective products that reduce collisions.

The Cats Indoors Program educates the public and policy makers about the many benefits to birds, cats, and people when cats are maintained indoors or under an owner’s direct control. In addition to advocating for responsible pet ownership.  American Bird Conservancy.