Bird Identification Learning Tools

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Bird ID Skills Introduction Susan Ballinger’s classroom presentation.

Inside Birding:  How-To Videos For Learning Bird Identification.  Each of four 10-minute video takes an in-depth look at one of their four basic keys: Size & Shape, Color Pattern, Behavior, and Habitat.Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds.

Inside Birding:  Building Skills Tutorial. Bird watchers can identify many species from just a quick look. They’re using the four keys to visual identification: Size & Shape,Color PatternBehavior, and Habitat. Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds.

Sibley Guides Quizzes.

The Feather Atlas: Flight Feathers of North American Birds. This website promotes feather identificaton, research, and appreciation by providing high-resolution scans of the flight feathers of North American birds. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Live Bird Cameras.  Watch read-time birds in nests including osprey, red-tailed hawk, CA condor, and hummingbirds at a feeder (>15 cameras),

Best Binoculars:  The Cornell Lab Review 2013.  28 top models in 5 price ranges.

The 2014 Audubon Guide to Binoculars. Explanation of binocular parts and recommendations in 4 price ranges.