Wildflower Identification

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Wildflower Identification

Wildflower Identification

Wildflower Identification resources may be useful to your during or after the Wenatchee Naturalist course:

3 photo field guides in the Northwest Wildflowers Series by Dana Visalli and David Hancock (2005).  Available at The Methow Naturalist, PO Box 175, Winthrop, WA 98862

  1. Northwest Dryland Wildflowers: Sagebrush and Ponderosa
  2. Northwest Coastal Wildflowers
  3. Northwest Mountain Wildflowers

Other excellent choices:

Phone app:  The University of Washington Herbarium and the authors of Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest have partnered with High Country Apps to produce a new plant identification app for Android, iPhone, & iPad. The app covers 870 common wildflowers, shrubs, and vines that occur in Washington and adjacent areas.

Three photo field guides in a series of Showy Wildflowers of the Plains, Valleys, and Foothills in the Northern Rocky Mountain States  by Dee Stricker published by The Flower Press, 192 Larch Lane, Columbia Falls, MT 59912  (1-800-582-2665):

 Wildflower Books held by NCW Regional Library

Selected Websites:

The Washington State Native Plant Society (WNPS).  Offers native plant lists by county.  Wenatchee Chapter is active and offers monthly programs and wildflower walks.

The University of Washington Burke Museum Herbarium has stunning photographs and detailed descriptions of all Washington plant species.

Chelan Douglas Land Trust (CDLT) offers a localized searchable photo field guide to over 60 of the most common wildflowers in the Wenatchee Foothills.

Native plant demonstration garden located at the Okanogan & Wenatchee National Forests Forest Supervisor’s Office at 215 Melody Lane in Wenatchee.  Thirty-two species of native wildflowers and grasses are labeled and easily visible in the artistically designed garden.

U.S. Forest Service Full page coloring sheets of many native wildflowers.