Mammal Identification

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mammal identification

Mammal Identification

The following Mammal Identification resources can be used during and after the Wenatchee Naturalist course.


Older out-of-print books that are available as low-cost used books:

  • Animal Tracks of the Pacific Northwest by Chris Stall The Mountaineers (1981)
  • Mammals of the Pacific States by Lloyd G. Ingles. Stanford University Press (1965). A complete account of the mammals of the three Pacific states (California, Oregon, and Washington), this work is in two parts. Part 1 deals with morphology, classification, and geology. Part II gives brief descriptions of the various species, supplemented by dichotomous keys and pictorial keys. The book contains 260 photographs, line drawings, range maps, and pictorial keys.
  • Mammals of the Northwest :Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia by Earl J Larrison Seattle Audubon Society (1976).
  • Mammals of the Pacific Northwest: A Pictorial Introduction, by James R. Christensen and Earl J. Larrison, The University Press of Idaho Northwest Naturalist Books (1982).

Selected Websites:

  • The Methow Naturalist
  • The Burke Museum: You can explore the biodiversity of Washington’s mammals. All species in the state are found on our checklist, and you can click on each name for an account of its natural history, geographic distribution, and further information.
  • Washington Department of Wildlife, Living with Wildlife webpage.