Central Washington Geology

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washington geology resourcesThe following Central Washington Geology resources include books and websites that may be useful to you during and after the Wenatchee Naturalist course:

Northwest Exposures: A Geologic Story of the Northwest. Alt, David D., and Donald W. Hyndman, 1995, Mountain Press, Missoula, Mont.

Geologic Road Trips in Grant County, Washington, Amara, Mark S., and George E. Neff, 1996, , Adam East (Now Moses Lake) Museum and Art Center Moses Lake, Wash.

On the Trail of the Ice Age Floods: A Geological Field Guide to the Mid Columbia Basin, Bjornstad, Bruce N., 2006, Keokee Publishing Inc., Sandpoint, Idaho, 307p.

Fire, Faults, & Floods: A Road & Trail Guide Exploring the Origins of the Columbia River Basin, Mueller, M., and T. Mueller, 1997, University of Idaho Press, Moscow, Idaho.

Geology of the Pacific Northwest, Orr, Elizabeth L., and Orr, William N., 1996, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY.

Geology of the North Cascades, Tabor, Rowland W., and Haugerud, Ralph A., 1999, The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA.

The Restless Northwest: A Geological Story, Williams, Hill, 2002, Washington State University Press, Pullman, Wash.