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Some testimonials by some people who have completed the Wenatchee Naturalist course ….

I had never traveled to some of the field trip locations and now will go back over and over again…

Susan Ballinger, guest speakers, and field experts/guides were outstanding part of this course. The hands on experience she provided made the world of difference in this learning opportunity. She always provided all kinds of resources in materials, websites, and experts in the different fields. Un millón de gracias…

[I learned] that there is something very beautiful between A and B it’s not just “here” and “there” in our environment, but the “in between” that holds many of the joys of life

This was a life-changer for me. I see my world differently and with more understanding than every that everything in nature is connected.

Susan Ballinger is a master teacher. She not only provided engaging guest speakers, expertly orchestrated field trips, fascinating hands-on labs, and expert teaching herself, but her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious.

The field trips were fun, to beautiful places and jam packed with learning. The labs gave me a great opportunity to make observations up close.