eBird 101 Workshop –Become a Citizen Scientist Birder!

Each month, a small team of volunteers conduct an eBird bird survey at Horse Lake Reserve


Do you like to bird? Would you like to see your observations contribute to a world-wide community of educators and researchers across the globe? Then, become a citizen scientist with eBird.  Launched in 2002 by Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, eBird has become one of the largest and fastest growing biodiversity data resources in existence and we can help you get involved.  Whether you are just getting started, or are already an eBird user with questions, this workshop is designed for you. Presenter Wendy Connally, WDFW Diversity Division’s Citizen Science Coordinator, will show you the ins-and-outs of using eBird.

CDLT eBird project volunteers at Mountain Home Preserve in 2016.

We are offering two free 2-hour workshops to pick from on either Wednesday, March 22 (6-8PM) at CDLT office in Wenatchee or Thursday, March 23(9-11AM) in Leavenworth at Wenatchee River Institute (WRI).  An optional 1-hour field data collection practice will be offered 11AM-noon, after theThursday training. Participants at both a 2-hour workshop and the 1-hour field practice are eligible for 3 clock hour credits through WRI

The workshop is co-sponsored by Chelan-Douglas Land Trust (CDLT) and Wenatchee River Institute (WRI), in partnership with Washington Audubon and North Central Washington Audubon Society (NCWAS).  These organizations have on-going projects supported by local citizen scientists: volunteers who partner with scientists to answer real-world questions.

Wendy will start with the basics so a person not yet familiar with eBird will leave the workshop ready to set up an account, start collecting data, and entering bird observations.  People already familiar with eBird will get to learn more about using the web-based tools and maps to advance their knowledge.   Wendy Connally works with professional biologists, conservation partners, and interested/engaged volunteer Citizen Scientists and she designs and implements priority-species data collection projects. Wendy’s background is in rare species monitoring, wildlife conservation planning, stakeholder development, and on-the-ground stewardship.  Conservation does not happen without people – so, she’s shifted her career in a way to more actively contribute to that conversation.

The March 22 Wednesday evening Wenatchee workshop will be held at the CDLT office, 18 N. Wenatchee Ave., hosted by CDLT Conservation Fellow, Susan Ballinger.  To sign up or for more information about the March 29 Wenatchee evening workshop, contact Susan (susan@cdlandtrust.org or 509.667.9708).

The March 30 Thursday morning (9-11AM) Leavenworth workshop will be held at the Wenatchee River Institute Barn, hosted by Brook Hinton, Adult Programs Coordinator.  To sign up or for more information about the March 30 Leavenworth workshop contact Brook (bhinton@wenatcheeriverinstitute.org  or 509.548. 0181)

CDLT volunteers conducting a bird survey at Horse Lake Reserve

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